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  PLC technique discussion and future development 

1,PLC products have been standardized, series, modular, with a variety of hardware device for the user to choose, the user can be flexible and convenient system configuration, the composition of different functions, different scale system. 

 PLC is also very convenient for the installation of wiring, the general connection with the external wiring terminal. PLC has strong load capacity, can be directly driven by the general solenoid valve and small AC contactor.

After the hardware configuration is determined, it can be adapted to the change of process conditions by modifying the user program.

2,  high reliability, strong anti-interference ability
Traditional relay control system uses a large number of intermediate relays, time relays, due to poor contact, prone to failure. PLC uses software instead of a large number of intermediate relay and time relay, and only a small number of hardware components related to input and output, can be reduced to the relay control system 1/10-1/100, due to the failure of contact caused by a large number of failures.

PLC has adopted a series of hardware and software anti-interference measures, has a strong anti-interference ability, the average time to reach tens of thousands of hours, can be directly used to have a strong interference in the industrial production site, PLC has been widely recognized as one of the most reliable industrial control equipment.

3, system design, installation, commissioning work less
PLC uses software function to replace the relay control system in a large number of intermediate relays, time relays, counters and other devices, so that the control cabinet design, installation, wiring workload greatly reduced.
PLC ladder diagram program is generally used in the design of sequential control design method. This programming method is very regular, it is easy to master. For the complex control system, the design of the ladder diagram of the time is much less than the same function of the relay system circuit diagram.

PLC user program can be simulated in the laboratory, the input signal with a small switch to simulate, through the PLC on the light emitting diode can observe the state of the output signal. After the completion of the installation and wiring of the system, the problem in the process of the adjustment of the field can be solved by modifying the program.

4, maintenance workload is small, easy maintenance

The failure rate of PLC is very low, and it has perfect self diagnosis and display function. PLC or external input device and actuator failure, can according to the PLC on the light emitting diode or a programmer to provide information and quickly identify the fault reason, by replacing module can rapid troubleshooting.

5, When the PLC technology is used in the smart home product, it will greatly facilitate the daily lives of people.